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Discovering Peacoq’, A Fun Dinghy With Foils… For Beginners

peacoq foiling
Image courtesy Peacoq

Peacoq’ is a double-handed dinghy built by French yard Foily, which allows making your very first flights without specific guidelines. Indeed, its usage and its control are very much closed to what is already done with a classic dinghy. Furthermore, the boat is giving an interesting learning curve to be able to last flying phase against floating phases.

peacoq foiling
Image courtesy Peacoq

The boat will take off in spring 2021. This will be a new version with a new hull and fully Harken equipment.

peacoq foiling
Image courtesy Peacoq

100% manufactured in France, the hull is vacuumized at Sisco Composites which is a yard having a long experience in nautical sector as well as aeronautical sector.  

peacoq foiling
Image courtesy Peacoq

This boat is in between the classic dinghy and the cruising monohull since its hull is highly stable and powerful thanks to scow bow.  Thanks to self-leveling J foils flying on the water is a way to get rid of drags and give lightness sensation which is combined with speed sensation which are really exciting. 

Peacoq technical features

Length: 4.20m
Beam: 1.82 (foils folded)
Architect: MMprocess
Weight: 130 kg
Hull: sandwich fiber glass with foam with carbon finishings
Main with its deck seeper: 9,5m²
Self-tacking jib: 3,5m²
Rudder folding system
Foiling folding system
Lateral J foil
Price with Standard equipment: 33.600 Euros VAT included (France)

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