How to Become a Liveaboard Cruiser. A video by “followtheboat”

Do you dream of living on a boat? In this how-to video about living on a sailboat and becoming a full-time liveaboard cruiser, “followtheboat” crew answer many of the questions they are regularly asked, including how much does it cost to be a liveaboard, and what should my monthly budget be?


They have broken this video into seven points, here are the time codes:

01:37 What is a liveaboard?
01:52 Why become a liveaboard?
04:18 Who can be a liveaboard?
06:21 The psychological leap
09:59 Gaining experience
10:35 Learning from the experts
11:30 Financing the liveaboard life

Discover more about “followtheboat” vlog: click here.

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