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Sailing Nandji Ep 130 – Painting our Boat on the Cheap | Sailboat Refit

We paint the topsides of our Boat and explain the costs involved. WE SAVE 8 GRAND! The ultimate DIY project. Sailing Nandji Ep 130: we make Nandji look beautiful. We have been completing some major work to our boat and as our time comes to end in the boat yard, the final upgrades are being complete. Our new motor is installed and running like a dream and now it is time to make Nandji look a million bucks!

Over the 7 weeks we have been in the boat yard, we have been lucky to have Uncle help us out everyday upgrading our beloved Nandji. Every day he would roll up to the boat yard ay 9 am ready for a full days work on Nandji. A little bit every day he laboured on the topsides filling and fairing then sanding it all back to create a smooth shiny finish.

The final appearance is all done in the prep and with the 200+ hours invested into the topsides, Nandji looks amazing! Discover more on Sailing Nandji Ep 130!

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