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Sailing Nandji Ep 129 – Lets hear this Baby Purr | New Engine Install

Sailing Nandji Ep 129: we hear the first breathes of our NEW Engine Fang. After running the final hoses and connecting the power, we fill up the engine with all the oils and liquids required before kicking Fang over for the first time.

Lets hear this baby Purr! This was a monumental day for Nandji as all our hard work is really starting to take shape. Installing this new engine has been challenging but so very rewarding at the same time. We have never tackled a task this big before, in fact we had never installed an engine into anything before, so it was a huge task and a massive learning curve we have nearly completed.

Wait til you hear this baby purr… Beautiful. Thank you to everyone who has watched our videos and contributed to our new engine. It is all because of you legends we have been able to install this brand new engine and re-power Nandji. With all this boat work being complete our vessel is becoming indestructible as we get her ready for our next big trip across the Indian Ocean.

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