Peugeot Design Lab and Latitude 46 Together To Create The Tofinou 9.7

Tofinou models are renowned for their elegant, pure, fine and classic lines. They are designed and manufactured with French know-how whilst exploiting the latest techniques. This is evident where rich and natural materials such as mahogany are contrasted with the high tech composite elements. The Latitude 46 shipyard has called on Peugeot Design Lab and architect Michele Molino to lend a neo-classical design to their new Tofinou 9.7.

tofinou 9.7 peugeot

Peugeot Design Lab worked with the team of the shipyard Latitude 46 on the deck and cockpit of the new Tofinou 9.7 sailing yacht with the objective of bringing a modernized aesthetic while respecting the identity and codes of the Tofinou brand.

The slender lines of this sailboat are coherent with the purity and elegance that distinguish the Tofinou boats family. The rear is open to the sea, taking advantage of the width of the powerful hull and the promises an intense sailing experience.

tofinou 9.7

Peugeot Design Lab created a pure and harmonious design with simple and elegant forms and surfaces. Through this precise and dynamic design the team has been able to create the spirit of the next generation of boats.

tofinou 9.7 peugeot lab

The design highlights the new features of the Tofinou 9.7 in terms of the ergonomics of navigation, ease of movement on board and integration of equipment. For example, the control screens have been precisely orientated towards the skipper in order to improve visibility whilst protecting them from both seawater splashes and distracting reflections.

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