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Sailing Nandji Ep 115 – Sailing the BUSIEST Shipping Channel in the WORLD!

Sailing Nandji Ep 115: stopping the boat from sinking on Christmas, we take Nandji through the Busiest Shipping lane in the world!

After a sailing through the night on our 8th day of passage on Christmas eve, we make a spontaneous decision to stop off on Christmas day to speak to family. With the polluted water of the city, a squall blows through in the wee hours of the morning and we drag anchor because of the plastic on the bottom.

Finally in the safety of Nongsa Point Marina, we rest up and let the unusual weather blow through up north. We celebrate New Years eve and enjoy the week spent in the luxurious resort/marina. Having a swimming pool to play in, air conditioning, cold drinks and a washing machine! Oh the luxuries!!

The weather clears and it is time to sail in the busiest shipping lane in the world! We had been nervous about this passage ever since deciding to sail this far to the boat yard. The Singapore strait was an eye opener as the sheer size and speed of the vessels passing so close to you kept us on the edge of our seats!

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