Five Reasons to Make a Sailing Trip Your Next Family Vacation

All over the world, people choose to exchange family vacations spent at resorts or taking road trips for the joy of sailing. Often romanticized as a couple’s vacation, sailing is also ideal for families with kids of all ages. Sailboats can be chartered worldwide with or without a hired crew depending on a family’s sailing experience. If you get seasick or are afraid of being on a boat, then this vacation probably isn’t for you. Luckily there are loads of places that you can go and visit instead if you prefer. If you are happy to get on a place, then you might as well go visit places like Spain, France or even Dublin. If you are thinking about going to Dublin by the way, then it is so easy for you to get from Dublin airport to the city centre. You don’t just have to go to the city centre though there are loads of other places. If, however, you are only interested in taking a sailing vacation then below are five reasons why a family vacation spent on a sailboat could be the answer for your next… family vacation.

1. Quality family time

Time spent in a smaller space surrounded by blue skies and water allows family members to slow down from the usual chaotic routine. The fresh air and open water brings smiles to faces and encourages face-to-face conversations about the natural surroundings from sea to sky. Being in transit from place to place is a perfect time to get out the cards for a game of Go Fish or, for older kids, to take each other on in a cribbage match while admiring the world around you.

2. Explore new and natural environments

Sailing allows you to anchor in bodies of water nestled against landscapes that otherwise may not be accessible. Finding a quiet bay anywhere from the Caribbean to the Great Lakes bordering the US and Canada or discovering the Mediterranean Sea provides an opportunity for families to explore gorgeous natural environments. A plethora of new experiences can be such as snorkeling to explore fish and coral or to take a dingy ashore to hike nature trails.

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3. Learn new skills

Both adults and kids can get involved in the sailing process and acquire new skills. As long as you follow safety precautions, sailing provides an excellent opportunity for kids to be hands on by helping pull the sails up and down, being involved with telling the direction of the wind, and helping keep watch for other boats out on the water. Whether the captain is a parent experienced in sailing or a hired professional on a chartered vessel, opportunities are plenty for learning about wind power, sails, and water safety, to name a few.

4. Keep kids physically active

Anchoring at each destination is an opportunity for kids to swim, kayak, paddleboard, snorkel, and jump or dive on and off the boat for endless hours. Combined with all the fresh air that occurs with sailing kids are bound to be exhausted by the end of the day and sleep well through the night.

5. Social opportunities

Meeting new families who are also sailing is a fun and memorable way to add to the sailing experience. Kids are thrilled to check out each other’s boats and activities on board or to have extra playmates with whom to share water activities. Sailing allows children to meet people from all over the world sharing languages, experiences, and of course, fun.

Sailing may not be the everyday family vacation to an all-inclusive resort or a theme park, but it can provide new experiences and perspectives that are otherwise hard to get. Working as a team while sailing provides bonding opportunities that can strengthen families on and off the water.

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