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Sailing Nandji Ep 35 – Nandji gets a sexy new rig!

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we are preparing our yacht for blue water cruising. Nandji’s rigging is old and rusty, we broke a shroud a few months ago sailing so for blue water cruising it needed replacing.

We decide to do it ourselves to save coin and also learn more about our boat. We are extremely lucky to have Billy and Brittany as followers as they sent us over all the turnbuckles we need to do this job, making it an affordable job for us. Thanks guys! We take down a few wires at a time and take it to a rigger along with the turnbuckles.

We measure and cut wire and he forges the ends on. It is daunting at times measuring the wire as a wrong measurement could be an expensive mistake. One by one, we replace the wires over 5 days!

Nandji is looking a million dollars and its such a great feeling knowing our rigging is strong and Nandji is solid! Yeww!

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