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Jeanne Socrates, you again! The “old lady of the oceans” starts at 74 for a new circumnavigation

Jeanne Socrates, the oldest woman to have traveled the world solo non-stop, starts at 74 years for a new circumnavigation. If it succeeds, she will be the oldest person ever to achieve this result!

Jeanne and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
Jeanne and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Jeanne Socrates, the sprightly “old lady of the oceans” continues to surprise. The 74 years old woman is about to begin his fourth round the world solo! This English lady is already listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as oldest woman to have completed a circumnavigation of the globe alone and without stopping, at 71 years, starting from Canada aboard his beloved Najad 380 Nereida (in the two previous attempts had been forced to a technical stop).

But now she wants to be the oldest person ever to accomplish the feat, beating the record of Japanese Minoru Saito (71 years old in 2004).

“Having my husband and other friends die of cancer, you suddenly realize, well, I could find myself in a similar situation and within a year I could be dead. So let’s make the most of what we’ve got,” she said. 

sy-nereida jeanne socrates

The S/V Nereida is a 38-foot long sailboat with solar panels and a wind generator. It also has the ability to make fresh water. Socrates has stocked the boat with a year’s supply of food and will be self-sufficient but says she won’t fish because it’s just too inconvenient.

jeanne socrates -kc2iov

The new adventure of Jeanne Socrates should have started on October 31, but the bad weather forced Jeanne to postpone the start. We will keep you updated! You can also follow the official Nereida website.


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