Cherubini 44 Alliance: The Maiden Voyage narrated… by a crew member!

Do you remember the Cherubini 44 Alliance? This sailboat has been launched and now she’s sailing! We asked to someone very important for this boat to tell us what happened during the maiden voyage!

The maiden voyage of any new yacht is anticipated with pride and excitement, but when it’s a Cherubini 44, well, that’s something really special. These works of art are so unique and so rare that a new one built with current technology is a sight to behold, a real head turner.

Leaving our birth in Naples, FL., on our way to Gordon Pass and the Gulf of Mexico, everyone on the water seemed to be drawn to our boat and made a point to come close to take pictures. I’m quite familiar with these yachts but was reminded how special they are when, in communication with a large commercial ferry, the captain told me how beautiful the boat was before signing off. I can’t imagine he does that often or with any other boat.


It took a while, but 9 to 10 knots filled in from the south to test her legs. This may surprise those unfamiliar with the design, but 6 knots of boat speed is common in these conditions, and it only takes 5 knots to move her along at a pace to entertain guests. As we sailed south toward Marco Island on a cutter ketch inspired by Nathanael Herreshoff, I couldn’t help think how at home he would have been.

Everything is in the right place, easy to get to and easy to sail. As we returned to Gordon Pass for our return home, that last boat came close for another picture. It was then that I noticed a smile of absolute pride and delight on the owner’s face. I’m sure he was thinking, “This was worth the wait.”

Captain Julian Onorato of Marco Island

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