Woodwind II: a walk on board this 74 foot Schooner. VIDEO


Woodwind and Woodwind II are two 74-foot schooner that sail and race on the Chesapeake Bay. This is a family business started in 1993 by two school teachers in Connecticut. Both schooners are kept in Annapolis year round. We sail from mid-April through the end of October.

The Woodwind Family

The owners of Woodwind, Captain Ken and Ellen Kaye, were public school teachers, who decided to retire while still young (after teaching for 25 years).

They dreamed of someday owning a schooner to introduce people to sailing. After their daughter, Jennifer, returned from a semester at sea aboard a 125′ schooner, the family pursued their dream in earnest. They had their handsome vessel custom designed and built based on their knowledge gained from more than 20 years of sailing. They fell in love with Annapolis and moved here after spending all their lives in Connecticut.

Jennifer became a Captain in 1996 and joined them full time. A second, identical “Woodwind“- named “Woodwind II” was the latest addition to the family in 1998.

The extended “family” of crew members are chosen for their sailing knowledge, friendliness and enthusiasm. These are the qualities that make your on board experience a special one.

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