Baltic Yachts WinWin: style will out. GALLERY

Combining match racing and cruising is the bet won by Unlimited Design with the 108 feet Baltic Yachts WinWin.

The naval architecture carries the signature of Javier Jaudenes, while the interior design comes from the work of Mark Tucker and his team from Design Unlimited that had the difficult task of containing the weights on board at their maximum. A very important goal, as the shipowner of WinWin, the 108 feet Baltic, is an expert with very clear ideas for his new boat: it had to excel both in racing and in cruising.

Both of these goals have been achieved by the 33 meter boat coming from the Finnish shipyard, with a displacement of only 77 tons.

The special features of the interiors are from Mark Tucker, who has transfused all his experience with large sailing yachts that range from WallyCento Hamilton to the refitting of the 30.50 meters, Leopard. Two tasks that have been realized in 2012. The glass bulkheads that separate the living room from the bridge allow integration between the two different environments. In the organization behind the interiors, Design Unlimited has not sacrificed any space or equipment. Therefore, the shipowner’s bow is absolutely generous in size and a studio is included to the cabin and the large bathroom.

But  there’s more to that! The shipowner area also includes a cabin that is furnished with bunks to use when racing. A clear symbol of frequent sporting use of this boat. All the rooms are of WinWin in the name of light and minimalist touch. These are the two themes on which the décor is based on and  that has Loro Piana as a supplier of the fabric.

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