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Your Dream is a Clipper 68? Now You can Buy it!

The Clipper Race is offering an exciting business opportunity with two of its former racing yachts and is even willing to support anyone interested in purchasing its Clipper 68, tried and tested veterans of ocean racing, training, development and corporate events.

We’re offering a complete package inclusive of sails, spares, marketing assets and we can even consider finance terms,said Clipper Ventures COO Jeremy Knight.These yachts are designed to earn money and are an ideal platform for corporate sailing, adventure sailing and big-yacht sail training. So for anyone who has got what it takes to create a business around these greyhounds of the sea this is an incredible opportunity,” added Knight.

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20110715 Copyright onEdition 2011©

The investment required will be £250,000 (plus VAT) and that includes the yacht coded to MCA Category Zero, the right to use the brand names such as ‘Clipper 68’ and ‘As used in the Clipper Races’; access to imagery of the yacht, access to the Clipper Race database of sales leads and suppliers, a stock of spares and new white sails.

The 68-foot yachts were specially designed by Ed Dubois for the Clipper Race and came into service in 2005. They were replaced by the new Clipper 70 design in the 2013-14 edition and have been used for training, development and events for the past three years.

For more details please contact Jeremy Knight at Clipper ventures in the UK: Tel: +44 (0) 2392 526 000  or

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