Salt: a project of Lucaj Desautel will be the future of sailing?

It has a view and a direct access to the sea with platforms on the sides that open directly on water.
These are just two of Salt’s particularities , the project with two masts that measure 55 meters (armed with full-batten rectangular mainsails ) developed by designer Lujac Desautel. The aim of this concept-yacht is to achieve the maximum space for guests on board.


And in this case with the sides of the yacht that open directly on the seam the maximum width of Salt, which has a beam of 11 meters, is practically doubled, reaching over 21 meters.

SALT4 Lujac Desautel

A dimension that beats the 16.60 meters of Hemisphere, the largest catamaran in the world (the record was owned by another cat, Douce France, a project by VanPeteghem-Prévost, 15.50 meters wide). In this case the 21 meters, however, are made on a monohull and the result is truly remarkable. Another peculiarity of Salt is the great central deck house with glass walls and windows.

SALT6 Lujac Desautel

A tribute to the famous Glass House designed in 1950 by the modernist architect Philip Johnson who built this very special residence for himself in New Canaan, Connecticut, USA. Also the windows of the deckhouse Salt can be opened so as to create a space sheltered but directly in contact with the stairs (a dedication of Lucaj Desautel to the steps of the archaeological site of Indian Chand Baori near Bandikui in Rajasthan) that allow, laterally and at aft, to put your feet in the water!

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