Do you remember the excitement of your first regatta?

All of us are expert in trim the sails, decide the right rout or decide how to reach the buoy in the faster lane but what about the excitement of your first race?

We ask it to Edoardo Chiesa, 9 year’s old at his first race in the Optimist class.


Schermata 2015-10-12 a 10.41.45So, Edoardo, tell us, how was your first race?
“Well, there was more than 20 Optimist on the water and I was the youngest. We start around 1:00 PM in Dervio and wind was ok. During the day it increase quite lot.”

Can you tell us how did you feel?
“I could not stop the boat before the start and have had some problem to see one buoy that was quite far in the lake. But I have had fun. We have had 2 race and now I’m tired since I’ve been on the Optimist for 4 hours”.

Have you had some other problems?
“Due to the wind now my hands hurt. I hit several time the boom and one’s I fall into the lake but water was not so cold.”

Ok Edo, good job! Now you can go to have a warm shower.

PS: we do not ask about race results since first target was achieved. He have had fun!!


Text and photos Achille Fontana

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