Isola Corvus Ltd. Unveils Strategic Regrouping and Partnerships

Isola Corvus Ltd., the Finnish superyacht company, announces its strategic regrouping through the establishment of new partnerships in sales and manufacturing. With a vision to revolutionize the sailing yacht industry, Isola Corvus has entered cooperations with renowned partners to propel its ambitious venture forward.

With regard to sales, Isola Corvus has partnered with Ocean Independence, the prestigious Swiss yacht brokerage house. Thomas Merlier and Lukas Stratmann will act as Central Agency Consultants for Ocean Independence. Their exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in furthering the success of this exciting initiative.

Furthermore, Isola Corvus has solidified its position in the market through a valuable alliance with the esteemed shipyard, Knierim Yachtbau GmbH. This collaboration serves to bolster the company’s standing and amplify its capabilities in delivering unparalleled craftsmanship.

Building on its existing partnership with yacht design office beiderbeck designs GmbH, Isola Corvus will continue to benefit from their exceptional talent as the lead naval architect and designer for the highly anticipated Velarca 135 project. The unwavering commitment and visionary approach of beiderbeck designs GmbH ensure that the Velarca sailing yacht will embody the pinnacle of innovation and design excellence.

With this expanded organization, comprising four reputable companies, Isola Corvus is committed to establishing a robust, international, and multilingual presence. The primary objective is to elevate the standard of customer service and drive sales for their groundbreaking Velarca sailing yachts. Sami Lehtonen, CEO of Isola Corvus, expressed utmost confidence in this collaborative effort, emphasizing its potential to significantly enhance the overall customer experience and provide a substantial boost to sales.

The Velarca sailing yacht represents a groundbreaking concept, boasting a spacious double-decker design infused with elements inspired by motor yachts. Notably, it incorporates a state-of-the-art, fully automated, boomless rig, ensuring an unparalleled level of safety and comfort during sailing. The unique design of the Velarca meticulously caters to the preferences of motor yacht enthusiasts, while simultaneously prioritizing sustainability and reduced emissions. Achieving this delicate balance is made possible through the integration of existing and proven technologies.

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