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Where do you start learning how to sail the AC40?

The first AC40 has been put through a rigorous but ultimately satisfactory commissioning process by Emirates Team New Zealand over the past few weeks since its maiden sail on the 21st of September.

It has the America’s Cup and wider sailing community tuned in and eager to understand its design and performance when considering its core purpose to provide the pathway into America’s Cup for the next generation of Women and Youth sailors. It is these sailors who have no doubt been most intrigued as they can now begin to visualize themselves onboard racing the exciting new foiling monohulls.

But where do you start in learning how to sail such a cutting-edge and high-performance yacht?

A good place is this ‘How to sail the AC40’, video with Emirates Team New Zealand Helmsman Nathan Outteridge.

With the second AC40 already on its way to Ineos Brittania and the third only weeks away from heading out the door, the fleet is growing steadily.

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