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Sailing Nandji Ep 234 Task best done WITHOUT THE MISSUS!!

In this episode, Nandji is floating and we are finalising all the little jobs to move back on board. Nandji is close to a new house and she is in the best shape she has ever been. I thought it important to try and complete all the jobs before moving back on board to try and minimise the mess and the need for digging out tools again.

Nandji has limited space so when the tolls are packed away, they are packed away for good!! Of course Nandji has a few little surprises she throws at us, and then there is Bonita’s life of living on the land needs to downsize a wee bit!! How many bikinis does a girl need???? With Nandji being a wooden boat, she tends to move and change shape whilst on the hard. Now floating, I wanted to check the alignment. This is a task best done without the missus!

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