Sailing Britaly: You DON’T Need a Watermaker to ‘Live’ at Anchor!

We have heard people talking of NEEDING a watermaker in order to be able to avoid marinas and stay at anchor for long periods.

The truth is that you could spend years at anchor without a watermaker! Here we share the (very simple) way that we have found is best in keeping our freshwater tank topped up during long periods at anchor. We are great believers in the ‘go small, go now’ philosophy.

We believe it’s worth sacrificing some home comforts so that you can get out there sailing now, rather than working more years to save up for all the expensive gear…

Some people seem to think that the only alternative to having a watermaker on board is to stay in expensive marinas all the time but that’s just not true. You can stay anchored indefinitely if you invest $5 in a jerry can!

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