Swan 108 Unveiled: The Evolution of the Swan Maxi Fleet

swan 108
Image courtesy Nautor’s Swan

The new Swan 108 is based on the evolution of the previous Maxi Swan, particularly in regard to the exterior lines, but with the addition of innovative solutions never applied before by the Finnish yard.

Announced during a virtual press conference, the Swan 108 plugs the gap between the Swan 98 and the soon-to-splash Swan 120 flagship. The new model is hailed by the yard as an evolution of the current Maxi yacht line, featuring modified exterior lines courtesy of German Frers and Lucio Micheletti.

swan 108
Image courtesy Nautor’s Swan

“Last December I anticipated the plan to have a bigger sister to the Swan 88 to fill the space between the Swan 98 and Swan 120,” says Giovanni Pomati, Nautor Group CEO. “It was an anticipation that we are here to announce officially. With awe-inspiring teamwork of international designers– German Frers, Misa Poggi and Lucio Micheletti – we have been able to design and sell the first Swan 108. This yacht is the expression of our philosophy: she draws on the amazing heritage we have at Nautor and sets a new and contemporary tone.” 

Designed with moderate freeboards like every Swan yacht, this new model offers seaworthiness, great comfort at sea also in very rough conditions, and handles gently in waves.

Nautor's swan 108
Image courtesy Nautor’s Swan

She is a proper bluewater yacht with great performance and able to compete at top level when required.
The innovative deck layout comes in two solutions for the cockpit. The owner can choose a step in the aft deck area or a completely flush deck. Both solutions mean that the area is suitable for sunbathing or just as a lounge area to sit and relax.

We always start a project with a clean slate as a way to investigate and double check the choices available and to match the briefs from the sales force closely” says German Frers. “There is no specific change you need to make once you go over a 100’ but just continue observing the mathematics and laws of physics. Specifically: length changes linearly, areas are squared, volume is cubed, stability varies to the 4th exponent”.

The Swan 108 follows a number of new models from the Finnish yard, including the Swan 88, Swan 98 and Swan 120 as well as the racer ClubSwan 80 announced at the end of 2020.

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