“Che Bella Vita”, The Mega-Daysailer With Self-supporting Rigging

che bella vita daysailer

Here is Che Bella Vita, which translates to “What a beautiful life” in Italian. It is a daysailer sailboat concept from German-based design studio Beiderbeck Designs, in collaboration with Knierim Yachtbau and sailing fashion label Marinepool, presented officially in the summer of 2019. 

Since then, it has remained in concept stage, with no announced plans to take into production. Should a millionaire come along to commission it, it would be delivered within nine months from the moment of order by the Knierim shipyard from Kiel, Germany. Marinepool’s Spirit of the Ocean is marketing it.

che bella vita daysailer

The 19.8 metre mega-daysailer is a mix between a finn and a contender dinghy but on a larger scale, sailed with only a 150 metre electrically unrolled mainsail and boasting an all-around sheer rail so there’s no requirement for fenders.  For the look, the studio was inspired by two small boats, the Finn and the Contender (Anglo-Saxon dinghy). A grey strip that circles the Che Bella Vita’s hull serves as protection and makes the use of fenders obsolete.

The open and inviting lounge area reminds a bit of the Private Beach concept – also designed by beiderbeck designs. The area serves as dining, chill-out zone. Moreover, a cocktail bar is available. A small cabin features a head and shower. A double makes it possible to stay for a night or two.

che bella vita daysailer

On both sides of the hull, platforms can be lowered for sunbathing or jumping from boat to water and there’s a designated dive board that extends from the rear. The lounging area serves as a point of relaxation in the day with direct access to the subtle cocktail bar for those afternoon cocktails, with the option to take advantage of the onboard LED light show for when things liven up in the evening.

A cabin equipped with bathroom facilities can be found below deck with enough room to host two people. Che Bella Vita is also remarkably light, weighing only 15 tonnes, 40% of which is ballast.

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