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Is Making the Switch to a Rigged Boat Easy?

rigged boat

If you have only been at the helm of engine-powered boats, then making the switch to a rig can seem intimidating. It should never be a difficult choice to make. These are beautiful vessels and they can give you a very different experience as a sailor. So, is making the switch to a rigged boat easy? Let’s take a look.

Inherent Skill

You will have the advantage over a new sailor because you already have some inherent knowledge of sailing. There will be some skills that are second-nature to you, whereas a new sailor has to learn everything there is to know about the sport. Your ability to fall back on skills and knowledge already gained gives you the chance to focus more on the rigging and learning how this style of sailing operates.

A Boat That Works for You

If you are just making the switch, moving to a 40ft rigged yacht is not going to be the right move. This is far too much rigging for a novice to manage and you may have to bring on a more experienced crew to help you. There are many sailboats for sale that you could select instead. Choosing to opt for something more manageable while you are learning is always going to be a sensible choice.

Spend Time on the Water

As with many things in life, experience is always going to be key when making the switch between a boat with an engine and one with rigging. It is quite simple. The more time you spend out on the water getting to grips with your new rigging, the more confident you will become. Start with smaller trips and build yourself up until you feel confident enough for a longer journey.

Take Refresher Lessons

The quickest way to pick up some of the knowledge needed to care for a rigged boat will always be through lessons. Even if you have years of sailing experience stacked up already, it can never hurt to learn a little more. See if your local sailing club or marina offers a set of lessons for rigged vessels. It could seriously help you as you explore this new style of sailing.

Focus on the Positives

Making the switch to a rigged boat may take you more time than you would like. You need to make sure that you are not spending too much time focusing on what you are getting wrong. Instead, you may find that you need to self-motivate to ensure that you are always improving. Learning how to sail a rigged boat can be difficult, but it can also open up a whole new world of sailing.

If you are not yet confident with rigged boats, you should change that as soon as you can. Whether you are making the change after years with an engine-powered boat or you just feel like expanding your skill set, they can be a fantastic choice to make. Dive into the world of rigged boats today!

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