Fearless Windsurfers Travel Globe in Search of Monster Waves. VIDEO

Red Bull Storm Chase serves up the type of ferocious weather that would see fearless windsurfers batten down the hatches, but it fuels the world’s most fearless windsurfers.

Here is all you need to know:

– Force 10 (89-102kph) storms are needed to trigger the world’s most breathtaking windsurfing competition with imposing locations in Germany, England, Ireland and Australia serving as the playground for the athletes.

– Worldwide stars such as Kai Lenny, Dany Bruch and Robby Swift have endured minus wind chill factors and 14m waves that are the height of a six-storey house in brutal, coastal locations like Cornwall and Tasmania.

– They can reach awe-inspiring heights up to 20m with broken masts, trashed sails and huge landing impacts a constant reminder of the danger they face as safety crews on jetskis, on land and in helicopters watch on.

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