Why You Should Plan a Sailing Trip on the Med Next Spring

If you love having an adventurous time and are looking for something fun and exciting to do on your next vacation or break from wok, you should consider planning a sailing trip on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. You can rent sailing yachts at any number of cities along the Mediterranean, and some are available on short notice. 

The Mediterranean flows through Southwestern Europe and has 21 countries and territories on its shores Its warm waters are home to some of the world’s most desirable coastal cities including Barcelona, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Venice, and Naples, and islands including Malta, Sicily and Mykonos also sit in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The weather here is some of the best in Europe. Summers are warm but not overly hot and spring and autumn are mild. Winters can get chilly but rarely hit freezing. Here are a few great reasons to plan a sailing trip on the Mediterranean. 

The Waters are Mild 

Because the Mediterranean is nearly completely enclosed with only a smaller opening to the North Atlantic on its West end, the waters of the Sea are always mild with smooth sailing all year round. This does not mean that you cannot get good breezes and nice waves, only that you will never be overwhelmed like you might be on the open Atlantic. For less skilled sailors the Mediterranean offers a great chance to sail safely.

You can Stop Off at Beautiful and Fun Locations

When you select a sailing holiday, you can choose to sail the entire time of take a break from the boat to enjoy one of the beautiful cities on the Mediterranean. There are so many places to stop off at, it can be difficult to select just one and perhaps you might want to make multiple stops Two to consider are the beautiful city of Saint Tropez where celebrities and the upper class play. The city has beautiful docking facilities and can perfectly care for your boat, while you shop at the high end designer shops that are abundant in the city.

Another great place to dock is the Greek island Mykonos. This gem of a place has beautiful beaches and wonderful beachfront hotels. You can book a beach hotel in Mykonos, dock the boat and hang out for a few days. While you are here, treat yourself to some of the best food on the Mediterranean and the nightlife is second to none.   

Sailing Offers a Private Vacation Experience

When you choose a sailing yacht f your vacation on the Mediterranean, you have a degree of privacy that is hard to match. Here is only you, your crew and guests, and no one to pry or interrupt whatever you are up to. You can travel when and where you like and always have a different and beautiful view around you. 

The Mediterranean offers a wonderful blend of beauty, safe sailing, and fun places to sail for those interested in a sailing vacation. Plan your trip and make sure that you take in as many views and countries as you can. The trip will be memorable and you will definitely do it again.

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