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Sailing Indonesia Ep 148 – Life As A Liveaboard In Remote Indonesia

Sailing Nandji Ep. 148: it is all about life as a liveaboard in remote Indonesia. Living on a sailboat means we need to be 100% self sufficient as we are travelling extremely remote areas of the far west islands of Indonesia where help is a very long way away.

We go through the struggles of keeping Nandji in top shape, what we do to find fresh food to eat and then continue on our way sailing through the islands. We have been in the southern islands of the Mentawai archipelago for the last couple of months and it is time to make our way back north en route to Thailand.

We enter into the stunning Telos Islands after being away from any kind of developed civilisation for weeks, hopefully here we can replenish our cupboards as they are very empty. We take Flubber the tender on our longest mission yet to visit the local village in search of food! We head back to sea only to be confronted at night by a bigger vessel charging straight at us. We are on edge as this is the closest and scariest call we have had on the sea…

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