The new Dufour 430 Grand Large will Debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2018

Dufour Yachts will launch the new Dufour 430 Grand Large, along with her little sister Dufour 390 Grand Large, at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018.

Designed by Umberto Felci, the Dufour 430 Grand Large will boast a new spacious hull, larger roof design and the integration of high-end equipment and new on-board technology. The important front volume and modern aft shines lines make this hull more spacious and performant. The deck is perfectly optimised with easy on-board movement and extensive premium equipment.

Dufour 430 Grand Large

The roof proportions have evolved in comparison with Grand Large predecessors and now offer more interior space while conserving pleasant sidedeck width.

New deck line with LEDs illuminating the wide decks, a more spacious cockpit and refitted with new consoles for electronic instruments. The completely enclosed stern offers beautiful helmsman’s seats, incorporating an outdoor kitchen (plancha and sink).

The Dufour 430 Grand Large benefits from all the Dufour Yacht’s interior layouts and finishing, boasting functional furniture and spacious cabins and heads finished in high quality materials. The interior layout can be adapted and designed according to the owner’s wishes.

The Dufour 430 benefits from all the know-how of Dufour Yacht in terms of interior design and finishing. It is a solid and functional piece of furniture. The cabins and heads are spacious and dressed with top quality materials. The standard configuration has been greatly improved with USB sockets, LEDs and various accessories, as well as equipment, as shown by the capacity of the water heater, which has increased from 20L to 40L.

Dufour 430 Grand Large
Dufour 430 Grand Large
Dufour 430 Grand Large

Layouts and specifications The Dufour 430 Grand Large comes in 2 layout versions and three different types woods: moabi, oak and teak.

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