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Sailing Nandji Ep 78 – Protect your Neck! Skull Island

We explore an island and discover actual human skulls! "There is bugs crawling in that one..."

Sailing Nandji Ep 78: Yoshi’s parents travel from South Australia to come visit. With over a week of great weather we head out enjoying all the activities.

Firstly Kayaking to the neighbouring island called Skull Island. This island is where a nearby tribe kept the skulls of the humans they had killed during the head hunting days. It was believed that the more skulls you had, the more power and prestige one had. We counted over 30 human skulls on display…

It is very confronting to see a human skull in real life! We take the fast boat exploring the Vona Vona Lagoon and visiting many of the lush secluded tropical island paradise’s. We free dive on a WW2 plane wreck, dive an exquisite wall packed with fish and beautiful corals, then the men try to out fish each other!



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