Discovering GEA II, a new 24mt “Italian Style Daysailer” Concept

Gianandrea Fiorillo, Esna Baydini and Andrea Policastro are three Italian yacht designers. GEA II is their thesis project. GEA II is a 24 meter sailing boat conceived with the aim to combine the shape and the performances of an ocean boat and the style of a… daysailer.

They have focused their attention firstly on technical aspects relative to the structure and stability of GEA II, using carbon sandwich cores with Nomex. The project provides the DSS and a retractable propulsion system.

Why did you chose the DSS? 

I did this choice“, explains Gianandrea Fiorillo, naval architect and exterior designer of this project, “because I had the opportunity to talk with the ideator of that technology. I understood how much it could increase the righting moment of the boat, giving you a totally different approach to all the concept. In our project, the wing in optimum condition gives 30% of the total righting moment!”


And the retractable propulsion system?

“Our ideal sailing boat is the dinghy. Dinghy doesn’t have a propulsor in the water. So once we have seen the possibilty to put a retractable system, we choose that with no doubts.”

GEA II has a single cabin, located in the bow with a large skylight to emphasize the natural light. From the master cabin, a small corridor leads to the common living area, an hybrid space between interior and exterior: result of the glass dome roof.


The cockpit is developed on different levels caracterized by organic shapes. “In this way“, continues Andrea Policastro “we have been able to obtain a wide terrace with aflat superstructure in carbon fiber and glass. The final result is a pure luxury boat characterized by extreme performance“.

And you, what do you think about?

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