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Sailing Nandji Ep. 50 – Surfing & Attack of the Sea Snake!

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, it is finally time to go chasing some waves. We set out on an adventure north from Noumea and surf some of the passes in the reef.

Out of respect to the local surfers, we can not tell you exactly where we were though! Also we want to go come back one day and surf with noone once again! We have some strong winds and some exciting sails as we fly up the coast in search of waves.

There is some surfing action from a couple of spots however we were asked politely not to film the wave and put it all over the net, so only a few waves were captured.

Whilst on our trip, Bonita came face to face and a little close for comfort with Sea snake! She captured the encounter on camera which is very brave and a little closer then we would have liked considering we were in the middle of no where!

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