Bye bye HR 342: Hallberg-Rassy launches the all new HR 340

The all-new Hallberg-Rassy 340 will have world premiere at Scandinavia’s largest sailboat show, Open Yard in Ellös on Orust, West Sweden, 25-27 August 2017. This brand new model delivers the best Hallberg-Rassy stands for combined with the latest in design from Frers.

The new bluewater Hallberg-Rassy 340 replaces the 342, that is built in 328 units during 13 years and she has an upright bow for contemporary appearance, long waterline and fine sea worthiness with a rounded underwater body. The boat has an integrated bowsprit with many features:

  • An ideal position to connect the tack of a code zero or a gennaker.
  • An ideal position for carrying an anchor, with a safe distance to the hull, controlled by an optional electric windlass
  • Ideal for a bow ladder that will make it easy to enter or depart from the boat in natural harbours or low docks.


For the first time at Hallberg-Rassy, optional twin steering wheels are offered. The standard version is with a tiller. In both cases, the deep cockpit gives the helmsman good side protection. The design gives an easy passage through the cockpit. As a Hallberg-Rassy tradition, the cockpit is very well-protected. The cockpit length is a generous 2.83 m, which is no less than 42 cm longer than the predecessor 342.

The rudder arrangement provides an easily controlled boat during all sailing conditions, especially in tough weather. Because of the reduced rudder surface, compared to a single rudder solution, the rudder loads will also decrease which will increase the safety factor. Each rudder has dual self-adjusting rudder bearings that provides an easy to steer rudder construction in all conditions.

By default there is a fixed platform aft of the helmsman and a step down to the water. For the first time in this size of boat, Hallberg-Rassy offers the possibility to order a folding bathing platform.

Hallberg-Rassy HR 340

The head sail furler is an under-deck fitted Furlex TD. Cap shrouds and lowers are divided with separated chainplates. That gives easy passage on deck, good set up for sheeting the head sail and to create a wide steady support for the mast. A backstay tensioner with a powerful purchase 1:32 comes as standard.

The head sail has a small overlap which makes it easy to tack. There is also a possibility to get a self-tacking arrangement. The waterline is 10.1 m, no less than 1.01 m longer than the precursor 342. According to Frers speed diagram, a loaded Hallberg-Rassy 340 will log 7.31 knots in a 90 degree true wind angle with only 10 knots true wind.

Hallberg-Rassy HR 340


The saloon  gives particularly good width and volume to the interior. The mast position is out of the way right aft of the main bulkhead. Through the special layout, the galley also contributes to an unusually generous airiness in the saloon.

Hallberg-Rassy HR 340

The galley is seagoing and out of the way from the natural flow through the boat. The person in the galley does not stand in the way of anyone who wants to enter the aft cabin. There are deep double sinks and a large fridge. The work surface in the galley is already as standard in solid composite stone.

The forward cabin is spacious and is regarded as the owner’s cabin. The length of the double berth is 2.04 m long, 1.98 m in the aft end and a 62 cm in the foot end.

The aft cabin is also spacious with a generous double berth, 173 cm in the head end and a huge 142 cm in the foot end.

You can discover more on Hallberg-Rassy Official website.


  1. You haven’t mentioned that head door is in bow cabin which is not convenient at all. I wrote to HR on Facebook and soon they changed layout so now cabin door is moved forward to leave free the access to head from the salon.

  2. Although many features of the new HR340 are nice, I would very much have preferred the interior layout similar to the HR342, in particular I think the head needs to be near the steps going into the cabin.
    Do you really want to walk through the entire boat in heavy weather just to pee! How about wet clothes, want to walk with those through the boat too?

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