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We Had A Plan…Introducing Sailing Tranquility Bay

In 2005 we sold everything and headed out on a five year sailing adventure. Somewhere along the way our priorities changed – eleven years and 25,000 miles later we are still building our dream and contemplating our next move.

An incredible amount of new sailing vlogs share with us every day the fresh excitement of people making huge changes in their lives. We watch and wonder. Where will their adventures take them? What fortune will they find? Will it be smooth sailing – a glamorous world of beaches and bikinis? Or treachery?

Having made the change and hung on a shoestring for over a decade, we have decided to dive into the world of entertainment headfirst and we’re hoping not to end up hard aground. Come along with us and explore the ups and downs of an unconventional life – find out what might happen when you go stumbling down the path of extreme naiveté.

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