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Could Your Sailing Navigation Use a ‘Tune-up’?

Nothing beats GPS for fast, reliable sailing navigation. But will that be enough to ensure that you sail clear of those “ship-killing” reefs ahead? Just what does that first GPS screen that most of us never read really mean? You know, the one that says not to rely on just a single source of navigation…

I believe the absolute basic fundamentals of navigation apply across the board, whether aboard your own sailboat or a charter boat. Indeed, estimated times and course labels form the basic “brick and mortar” of all sailing navigation.

And here I see a troubling trend in sailing today–a lax in navigation standards. Now, we are not talking about pinpoint fixes or positions every thirty minutes. Not by a long shot. But disregard for the absolute basics of sailing navigation seamanship. It’s everywhere. And, in my mind, technology will never replace good common sea-sense–whether in seamanship or navigation.

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