Grand Soleil Blue: Sailing into a Sustainable Future

For several years, an increasing number of shipyards have been choosing Boot Düsseldorf to unveil new projects that we will see hitting the water in the following months. In this edition, it is the Italian Cantiere del Pardo that, after announcing the new Grand Soleil 60 Long Cruise, has revealed the first renderings of a new 10-meter model. Its name? Grand Soleil Blue.

Grand Soleil Blue aft

The Grand Soleil Blue project unveils a 10-meter sailing boat, symbolizing a commitment to sustainability rooted in quality and a vision for enduring products. This remarkable boat is the result of a collaborative effort between esteemed nautical experts, including Matteo Polli for Naval Architecture and Nauta Design for Exterior and Interior Design, as well as General Arrangement (G.A.). Notably, the project also incorporates the expertise of pioneers in sustainable materials, such as NL Comp.

The Grand Soleil Blue needs to combine sustainability, efficiency, and design to shape a “bluer” future at sea. Every aspect of the design process has been guided by the principle of sustainability, resulting in an innovative and stylish weekender that accommodates up to four guests overnight, with zero environmental impact during sailing and complete recyclability at the end of its life cycle.

Grand Soleil Blue interior

Key Achievements of Grand Soleil Blue

  1. Sustainable Construction: The GS Blue pioneers sustainable boat construction by utilizing thermoplastic resin, addressing a significant issue in the marine sector – end-of-life recycling. Traditional composite boats use thermosetting resins, challenging to recycle. Thermoplastic resin allows for easier separation of resin and fibers, promoting re-use or eco-responsible disposal.
  2. Design for Disassembly: Employing a smart design approach, the GS Blue ensures easy separation of accessories and components, akin to end-of-life practices in the automotive industry. This facilitates effective disassembly and recycling, minimizing environmental impact.
  3. Electric Propulsion: Featuring a lithium battery bank and electric propulsion, the GS Blue achieves zero-emission navigation, contributing to a sustainable future by reducing emissions.
  4. Solar Panels: Solar panels provide renewable energy autonomy by recharging the battery bank, enabling an impressive range of 30 nautical miles at approximately 5 knots. The dual battery pack extends continuous engine operation to 12 hours.
  5. Thermoplastic Sails: In line with the project’s sustainable philosophy, the sails are crafted from thermoplastic materials, emphasizing a commitment to minimizing environmental impact.
  6. Hydrogeneration: Ingeniously recharging batteries during sailing, the GS Blue’s propeller spins in response to water flow, showcasing a dynamic approach to sustainable energy.
Grand Soleil Blue interior

Grand Soleil Blue Specs

Length overall: 11m – 36 feet
Hull length: 9,99m – 32,8 feet
Beam max: 3,70 m – 12 feet
Draft std: 2,20m – 7,2 feet
Dradt opt: 1,80m – 5,9 feet
Displacement: 3300 kg – 7275 lbs
Mainsail area: 36 mq  – 36 square meter
Self-tacking jib area: 26 mq  – 26 square meter
Gennaker area: 100 mq  – 100 square meter
Concept: Cantiere del Pardo
Naval architecture: Matteo Polli
Exterior, Interior design and GA: Nauta Design

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