EWOL announces EnergyMatic propeller with automatic return to the feathered variable-pitch

EWOL announces its new technological creation: EnergyMatic. EnergyMatic is a propeller for sailing yachts, specifically to facilitate putting the propeller (blades) in the feathered variable-pitch and thus offer minimal resistance under sail on boats with hydraulic or electric propulsion. 

Thanks to its internal “automatic return to the feathered variable-pitch” mechanism, EnergyMatic positions itself with minimal resistance even without the need to stop the shaft. This means that it is no longer necessary to switch off the engine and engage reverse gear to significantly increase sailing speed, with a range of 0.5 to 1.5 knots.

Another winning feature of the EnergyMatic is its “Charging” position, which turns the propulsion line into a “Hydro-generator”, i.e., it not only safeguards the batteries but also “recharges” them very efficiently. This is an essential feature for boats with 100% electric or hybrid propulsion or with an alternator connected to the shaft; these boats will therefore be able to recharge their batteries simply by sailing in “Recharge” mode, i.e. by letting the propeller itself function as an electric turbine and generate a considerable amount of energy while sailing. 

EnergyMatic is a lightweight, high-performance, high-tech propeller that allows the pitch to be altered to increase motor cruising speed and aids manoeuvrability during mooring manoeuvres. Moreover, like the other EWOL propellers, it is made entirely of stainless steel to maximise mechanical strength, resistance to galvanic corrosion and product reliability over time.

EnergyMatic is an exceptional “patent pending” solution from EWOL, a company known and respected worldwide for the quality, reliability and innovative technology of its products.

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