Elan GT6, The Contemporary Sport Cruiser Designed by Porsche

The Elan GT6 is the result of a three-way collaboration between Elan YachtsHumphreys Yacht Design and Studio F A Porsche. This is the first time that Studio F A Porsche has been deeply involved in the design of a sailing yacht.

Elan GT6: the video

For the Elan GT6, Rob Humphreys has designed a new performing hull and an innovative sail plan in order to best embody the spirit of the “Grand Tourer”, which is a distinctive feature of the Elan Yachts GT range. The high-performance hull and sailplan are optimised for short-handed, medium-range cruising.

Elan GT6
Photo courtesy Elan Yachts

A key aspect of the Humphreys design philosophy is balancing raw power and outright speed with control, good handling characteristics and the ability to easily sustain maximum performance for the duration of a long passage in a wide range of wind and sea conditions while minimising the effort required by the yacht’s autopilot and crew.

Inspired by Formula 1

One feature, rarely seen on a yacht of this size is the deck profile: completely flush forward of the mast with a subtle, elegantly streamlined deck saloon further aft. The cockpit layout is a blend of Studio F. A. Porsche’s minimalist style and ergonomics with Elan’s 70 years of craftsmanship know-how.

Elan GT6
Photo courtesy Elan Yachts

The twin wheels of Elan GT6 are inspired by the shape and lightness of a Formula 1 car’s suspension,” says Christian Schwamkrug, design director at Studio F. A. Porsche. “The steering pillars and the floating stern of the yacht take their design approach from nature itself – resembling spread seagull wings and stingray fins. The design of the hull represents a well-balanced combination of sharp and distinctive lines and soft, almost sculptured surfaces.

Designing the GT experience

Inside the Elan GT6

Inside the Elan GT6 is a practical layout with the galley at the forward end of the saloon. This frees up space further aft for a full-beam saloon.

Elan GT6 Interiors
Photo courtesy Elan Yachts

The sleek panoramic deck saloon of the Elan GT6 gives a 180° view and a cleverly inverted layout makes the best possible use of the spacious, broad-beamed hull.

The galley is forward, right on top of the keel where the yacht’s motion at sea is most comfortable with minimal heeling, pitching and rolling. This frees up space further aft for a full-beam saloon.

A wide range of layout options and configurations are available to tailor the rest of the accommodation, systems, and stowage onboard to best suit you, your crew, and your style of sailing. And throughout the boat, exquisite details, premium materials, and a beautifully handcrafted finish enhance the joy of being on board.

Elan GT6 cabin
Photo courtesy Elan Yachts

The owner’s suite of the Elan GT6 is the forecabin with a king-size island double bed facing aft and a good view out through the large through-hull windows on both sides. There’s ample stowage in smart, unobtrusive eye-level lockers throughout the saloon, galley and forecabin.

Raised hardwood fiddles that flow around the edges of the furniture tops serve as useful handholds as well as stopping loose items from sliding onto the cabin sole.

Elan GT6 specs

LENGTH OVERALL15,2 m | 49,9 ft
HULL LENGTH14,325 m | 47 ft
LENGTH AT WATERLINE13,495 m | 44,3 ft
BEAM4,49 m | 14,7 ft
DRAFT (standard) 2,45 m T shape | 8 ft
AIR DRAFT (Incl Antenna)21,9 m | 71,9 feet
BALLAST4.240 kg
WATER CAPACITY (STANDARD)500 l | 132 gallons
FUEL CAPACITY300 l | 80 gallons
ENGINE (standard)
ENGINE (option)
57 HP Yanmar
80 HP Yanmar
MAINSAIL62,60 m2
JIB51.14 m2
I18,09 m
J5,482 m
P17,15 m
E6,15 m
Studio F. A. Porsche
Humphreys Yachts Design
Elan official website

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