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Check Out These Great And Practical Ideas For Boat Bedding

You’ve picked out the perfect boat, and you’re ready to bring it home. But there’s still something you need to decide: what kind of bedding do you want for your boat? Material, color, size, and style are all essential considerations to make when choosing the perfect bedding for your boat. Choosing the right bedding for your boat is an important decision. It’s not easy to determine which bedding type is right for you, and it typically takes up a significant portion of your budget. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your boat, you’ll want to find a bedding set that’s comfortable, durable, and easy to maintain. Finding the right boat bedding will be made easier with this guide.


Many people will think that if you can afford to buy a boat, then money’s no object. However, this is a false conclusion because many folks have saved up over the years to afford this luxury. Moreover, there are different types of boats. Even weekend boats that include a galley, bedroom, and bathroom are not all expensive. Therefore, when looking for new bedding for your boat, it is still prudent to find ways to save money or, at the very least, not to overspend. With anything to do with boating, in particular, there comes the point when the law of diminishing returns starts to kick in, and any extra money you spend will only incrementally increase the benefits.


If you are shopping for bedding, this is arguably the most essential factor to consider. Anything outside of million-dollar mega yachts will have some form of space deficit. It’s the nature of the game because boats only have a finite amount of usable space. Once you factor in storage, washing areas, and engines, there is usually not that much space left. Therefore you must use a special bed size chart to determine which size might be the best option for the area available. When measuring up, you will also need to consider the vertical height of the mattress so that it doesn’t look out of place. However, there is a more serious reason for getting the correct size. In all boating rooms, there will be an escape hatch in the roof, placed so that it makes emergency escape possible in the case of a capsizing event. If your bed is too large (or too small in some cases), you will severely hamper your ability to escape if needed.


This is an area where you can go crazy and choose whatever your budget allows. As is the case with non-boating bedding materials, you can choose to go for luxury, which could be linen or a more affordable option such as cotton. It is usually recommended to go for a more hard-wearing material than you might otherwise go for on land because the general atmosphere surrounding your boat is more severe. There is saltwater to contend with, and the smaller spaces often result in the beds being more tightly packed against the bed frame. The constant movement of the water and the tight spaces results in more wear and tear due to the friction and rubbing involved.

Custom or Stock?

This is somewhat related to budget, but regardless of how much you can spend, you should decide whether you want your bedding to be custom-made to your specifications or whether you will simply buy off the shelf. Bespoke bedding offers some advantages, such as being the correct material for boating and having it made to your exact specifications for size and style. Nonetheless, this all comes with a cost penalty that is often considerable. On the other hand, off-the-shelf bedding is far cheaper, but you might not be able to get a style that matches the overall decor of the room it will go in. If this isn’t an issue for you, then store-bought is usually the better choice.


A bed should be comfortable to ensure restful sleep. That is really the one and only job of a bed. Therefore if your bedding results in unsatisfying sleep, it can be deemed useless. You can choose several materials for your boat that are suited to providing comfort on the open seas. This is even more so if you are spending long periods on your boat.


  • Cotton: It is warm, soft, and machine washable, making it the ideal material.
  • Linen: Extremely soft and luxurious, but also more expensive and delicate.
  • Egyptian cotton: The very best but maybe not well suited for boating.


  • Memory foam: Great for boats as it is durable and ensures minimal transfer of movement.
  • Innerspring: Usually cheaper but still comfortable.
  • Latex: It can be pricey, but it offers comfort and durability, which is the perfect combination for boating.
  • Hybrid: Mixture of innerspring and several other top layers like latex and memory foam. They offer the best of all worlds, but they might be too large for the bedroom on a boat.


Whatever bedding option you eventually decide on, you must consider whether they offer any warranty. This may not be that important for the sheets and pillows, but it is crucial for the mattress. This is the most expensive part of any bed, and you want to make sure that the manufacturer is confident in its longevity. Read reviews, for instance, this latest Peacelily Mattress Review talks about the warranty period. So, whichever mattress you decide to choose, make sure you read its review and find out whether it offers a good warranty or not.

Comfort and durability are the most important factors to consider when buying bedding for your boat. You want to ensure that your boat bedding provides you with the comforts of home, without the hassles associated with traditional bedding. But you also need that bedding to be able to survive the rigors of boat life.

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