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How to Easily Find Fish While Kayaking


The popularity of kayaking has grown significantly over the past few years. From anglers to saltwater coastlines, there are plenty of kayaking options all around the world. Whether you are a beginner in kayak fishing or simply trying to polish your skills, here are a few tips to find fish easily. Discover how to find fish while kayaking!

1.Casting One-Handed

Learn how to cast one-handed if you want to catch lots of fish. It is a difficult adjustment but it pays off. Casting one-handed is very helpful when fishing from the boat’s front deck or the bank. Even with a stable kayak, there may not be enough room between the water and sitting surface. It may be difficult to use the traditional two-hand cast.

2.Don’t Make Noise

Move as quietly as you can. If there are vibrations in your boat, the nearby fish will hear them and swim away. Avoid knocking your paddle against the water surface or kayak.

3.Lure Selection

One of the best species for kayaking is bass. You can target bass with a tackle box of interesting lures. Get a few lures for a start. They give you a few presentations that make it possible to reach other water sections. As stated on this post, https://boatpriority.com/best-kayak-fish-finder/, with the right kayak fish finder you can target all the right locations. Ensure that you have attractive top-water lures for the surface. You also need soft, worm-like baits. You can rig them by suspending, jigging, or diving. There are many types of lures and you need to have a few options for your toolbox.

4.Take Note of the Weather

Some weather conditions are better for finding fish than others. Always take a look at the local weather reports before you go kayaking. Important conditions to look out for include:

  • Fog

Even though fog is not dangerous, it increases your likelihood of losing track. If you go kayak fishing when it is foggy, you will be exposed to the elements for longer than necessary. You are unlikely to catch fish.

  • Lightning

If there is a thunderstorm, do not go kayaking. The storm is likely to lay your fishing rods flat before you have the chance to catch any fish. Your fishing rods may also serve as lightning rods.

5.Use Baits With Resistance

Pick baits that offer resistance every time you go kayaking. The best options include spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, and crankbaits. If a bait offers resistance, you can use it to steer your boat. When you fish a crankbait from a light kayak, you will notice that the resistance from reeling will help you pull your boat towards the direction you are casting. You can use this to your advantage and it may make it easy to catch fish.

6.Take Advantage of Your Feet

While using your feet may seem weird, it can help you catch more fish. Experienced kayak anglers are known to use feet while fishing. Depending on how narrow your boat is, you may be able to use your feet as rudders. They can help you when steering your drift. When fishing, you can use them as anchors. All you have to do is stick your foot out while holding onto a log until you finish fishing the hole. As your hands are fighting fish, you can use your feet to redirect your boat.

7.Dress for Success

The way you dress may influence your ability to catch fish. One of the best aspects of kayaking is that it brings you very close to the elements. However, this also means that you need to pay attention to your dressing. If you plan on fishing in open areas where you will be exposed to the sun, you will need light-weight clothing. Consider wearing sunglasses and a hat as well to limit your exposure to harsh UV rays. Gloves and neck gaiters can offer extra protection.

If it isn’t very hot outside, wear warm clothing. Most people will get hypothermia following prolonged exposure to cold water.

When it is windy outside, you may need a shell jacket for protection. At the minimum, you will need layers like synthetic or wool material and a water-repellent shell.

Discover how to find fish while kayaking

8.Get to the Shoreline

If it is windy, you may need to put in more effort to catch fish and make headway. However, you can use the minimal kayak draft to make things easier for you. Get shallow instead of paddling down the middle of the river or lake. Shoreline vegetation makes the waves and wind more forgiving. You will be able to paddle better and without much energy.

In conclusion, it is possible to catch lots of fish even when you have little experience in kayak fishing. You can get interesting catches like tuna, mahi-mahi, and wahoo.

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