Guirec Soudée. Sailing one year in Greenland… with his Hen! VIDEO

Do you remember Guirec Soudée, the french sailor that is circumnavigating the world on board Scorpio 9… with his hen Monique?

In this new video you can discover his Greenland experience. “Our experience in Greenland does not only resume itself as 130 days of wintering in the Arctic ice. It is also the story of meeting an incredibly simple, pure, kind and welcoming civilisation who lives far away from our urbanized world. In these extreme latitudes, nobody tries to master nature, which is too wild, too powerful and too beautiful. Greenlanders have learned to adapt to it and to respect it“, Guirec said.

Guirec Soudée

This trip is also the discovery of a part of the world still untouched by the human footprint. Icebergs and their thousand blue facets, contrast with gigantic mountains and their torn summits, who dominate the sea with all their majesty. Only small colorful houses, blue, red, green and yellow dress the landscape. This beautiful scenery was highlighted by the talented Jean Philippe Mériglier in this video. A huge thanks to him for filming and for setting up this project“, says Guirec Soudée.

You can discover more in “Voyage d’Yvinec Official Website

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