#mondayquiz. Where is the lighthouse? Answer and win!

lighthouse #mondayquiz

It’s time for #mondayquiz!

You will simply have to answer correctly to our question, and you will be able to receive a great and exclusive desktop background!

Where is the lighthouse? Check the picture and tell us where it was taken.

We’ll give you some hints…

  1. This lighthouse was first light on December 27,1900
  2. The lighthouse ceased operating on August 1,1968
  3. For a decade the buildings were used as a museum and coffee shop but due to the shifting sands, they were abandoned in 2002

Do you have the answer now… or have you had some online help?

Give us your answer by writing a comment at the end of the article or sending us an email at info@sailuniverse.com. Everyone answering correctly by January 29 2020 will receive an exclusive “sailing wallpaper” for their computer!


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