#sundayvideo. How to Restoring an Old Sailboat in… 8 Minutes!

The Mustang 22 is a twenty-foot sailboat that was designed as a day-sailor/racer. In appearance it’s very close to a Cal 20, which is a well known one-design racing class boat popular in the USA. The Mustang 22 was designed by Martin Bludworth, a famous sailboat designer and racer who competed in Olympic sailing in the 1960s.

The┬áMustang 22 was built by PlasTrend Inc., which later became Composite Technologies Inc. in Ft. Worth, Texas. The Mustang 22 is very similar to a PlasTrend 22 1/4 ton sailboat (or PT-22 ┬╝ ). There were about forty Mustang 22’s ever built.

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  1. Mustang 22 sailboat memory. Purchased used Mustang on Lake Lanier (Atlanta) from Ted Turner late 90’s. Recall was a prototype from Andy Green founder of builder, Plastrend. Please email any more Musstang 22 sailboat history.

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