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£15million British superyacht smashes into boats in Portofino, Italy

The £15 million superyacht Tales was trying to leave the marina at Portofino on the Italian Riviera when it spectacularly misjudged its route and ploughed into more than half a dozen boats.

In the video, shot from a cliff top overlooking the harbour, grey tenders and harbour master boats can be seen frantically speeding towards the 175ft yacht to try and warn the captain.

A spokesman for the harbour master at Portofino told The Sun on Sunday: “There was an incident with a British registered yacht called Tales. At the time there was a party of eight onboard, as well as 12 crew members”.

After it had raised its anchor and was on its way out the caption could not disengage the gears and it continued sailing backwards, hitting the boats.We have spoken too the captain and the crew and have also obtained CCTV footage of the incident. No-one was hurt and there was no environmental impact.

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