Phil Sharp: “How to Complete a Non-stop Circumnavigation without Fossil Fuels”

Do you remember Phil Sharp, the sailor who broke the Channel World Record (click here for more)?

Now he announces a renewed 3-year ocean racing and innovation partnership, in the Class 40 Championship, with Imerys, the world leader in mineral-based specialties for industry.

The partnership aims to advance efficiency and energy security of the clean hydrogen-electric prototype through the application of Imerys minerals. This includes the development of a new performance battery pack, as well as the application of their materials in non-slip solar technology and fuel cell membranes for increased efficiency.

This project embodies Imerys’ constant pursuit of excellence in terms of responsible innovation, performance and human adventures, and the Energy Challenge is in alignment with our commitments to both the environment and education. The Imerys Graphite & Carbon and Roofing divisions in particular are working closely with The Energy Challenge project team through the development of lithium-ion batteries and solar panels. Our colleagues’ expertise is contributing to develop the greenest, high performing and reliable energy system of its generation.Gilles Michel, Imerys CEO

Breaking the Channel World Record

The renewed partnership is a significant step towards the Energy Challenge’s intention to compete in the next 2020 Vendee Globe, for which it is looking for additional partners to expand the project further in order to progress to the IMOCA 60 race class.

Through a competitive entry in the Vendee Globe, the Energy Challenge aims to become the first yacht to complete a non-stop circumnavigation without fossil fuels, and importantly demonstrate the performance and reliability advantages of renewable, hydrogen-electric technologies over conventional diesel power units.

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