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A Sailboat in Pictures: RM 1370, the new Powerful and Elegant French Bluewater

The new RM 1370 offers as new the option of a swing keel, maintaining the two previous offers (twin keel and deep draft torpedo keel) a new designed bow that increases LWL a bit as well as the bow buoyancy and a stronger and bigger bowsprit.

The 1370 is the bigger sailboat produced by the shipyard Fora Marine and pointed clearly to long range voyaging. RM sells a lot more the smaller models  but even so from the previous version were made 6 boats and probably as many from the first version.

This is a fast voyage boat, with a large storage, a large tankage (600L of water and 300L of diesel). The diesel may not appear much but this is a very good sailing boat, able to sail well and fast, even with light winds.

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