Foiling is the future of sailing? This video says yes. And you?

The Foiling Week is an event launched in 2014 to gather the foiling community. Now The Foiling Week produced this video that seeks to inspire and promote foiling as the future. What do you think about?

One Comment

  1. Considering 95% of sailors never race and most ‘foilers’ have appendages that protrude beyond “B-Max” coupled with the fragility of the appendage I really don’t think that foils are the future. Berthing challenges and launching issues – you have to carry your Moth into the water. They are the now for some classes just the same as aero rigs are the now for some boats.

    They are just another so called “future” along with wing-sails, canting keels, powered winches and a whole raft of new developments that were going to radically change sailing and haven’t. They simply add to the variety that is our sport.

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