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Sailing Nandji – Lady Musgrave Island… Sea snakes & sun bakes

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we enjoy life living in the coral cay that is Lady Musgrave Island.

This place has been one of the favourite places we have visited along the coast and definitely the coolest island. We explore what Lady Musgrave island has to offer, walking around the beaches, frolicking in the forrest and swimming in the shallows. We then head outside of the lagoon and dive all around the outside of the reef.

We were treated with a massive spectacle of marine creatures. From eels to octopus, sharks to Eagle Rays. The wild life was stunning. Of course we played with our new drone toy Darryl and took to the skies to get a birds eye view of this slice of heaven.

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Sailing Nandji
We are a young couple that decided there has to be a better life style than working all day to afford 2.5 children and a white picket fence!! We travelled around Australia in a Toyota Coaster bus for 2 years. Then we thought, lets buy a yacht instead... Why not hey!

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