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Sailing Gear Essentials – Pack this Sea-Tested Light for Sailing

Pack a sailing seabag and you’ll want to carry those essential items for sea. Here’s one handy piece of sailing gear that will free your hands, illuminate a chart at night, help you reef a sail on a starless night, or find a tool below in total darkness. Pass this one along to your sailing crew–wherever you sail or cruise!

Imagine that you are anchored in a crowded cove one dark and starless night. You awake from your slumber. No particular reason–just a subtle “tell” that seemed not quite right. You pull on a sweater and peak out of the starboard opening port to find the bright white light of your drag bearing. Something’s wrong! You see no light.

You dash up the companionway ladder and peer into the dark. You’re dragging anchor! You veer scope, but still feel the anchor rode vibrate and shudder–a sure sign that you are still dragging.

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About John Jamieson

John Jamieson
Captain John Jamieson was a search and rescue skipper, ship driver, navigator, and master training specialist in the U.S. Coast Guard. He later directed the Seamanship and Chart Navigation departments for the Professional Mariner program at the Chapman School of Seamanship in Florida. He is the author of 'Seamanship Secrets' published by McGraw-Hill and has written 20 other eBooks on navigation, seamanship, and small boat handling. Visit his website at www.skippertips.com

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