Sailing Yacht A first sea tests. But are you sure you can call it a sailboat?

£330million superyacht Sailing Yacht A owned by a Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko sails through its first sea tests to become the world’s biggest sailing vessel. The behemoth vessel, called Sailing Yacht A, is the latest superboat to make its way into the expansive collection of industrialist Andrey Melnichenko, thought to be worth £8.5 billion.

It was seen undergoing tests and employing its sails for the first time in Strande, nearby Kiel, northern Germany, its shadow dwarfing other nearby sailing boats… At eight-decks and with masts that are nearly 330ft tall, it eclipses the height of London’s Elizabeth Tower, which houses the Great Bell known as Big Ben, and has its own underwater lounge surrounded by thick glass.

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