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Is Your Sailing Crew “Collision Risk” Ready?

What steps can you take to train your new sailing crew or partner for solo watches at sea? Pass along these sea-tested sailing tips and techniques for safer sailing or cruising on the waters of the world.

Aboard CG cutters, we often stood four to six-hour watches. You were toast after you were relieved. At least, if you had stood a solid watch with horizon scans, radar scope plots and watch supervision. That didn’t include threading your way through a fishing fleet in the middle of the night or search and rescue on the high seas in a blinding squall.

But that’s not a sailboat watch by a long shot and here’s why in a nutshell. Stable platform. You can bet standing watch aboard a small cutter could mean pitching and rolling. But by far, fatigue was much less than the same watch stood aboard a sailboat. There, the platform has much less stability.


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