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Highs & Lows, the Good and the Bad

The good and the bad.

The last few days we have spent entertaining some legends from back home who made the journey across the country for a visit. The couple only had a limited amount of time to spend with us, with the weather forecast looking quite gloomy and challenging we kept the adventure to coastal waters and set off to an anchorage up the coast. A light northerly wind was blowing and forecasted to pick up throughout the day. The 12nm sail north was going to get rougher as the day went on.


Our lazy heads rose from bed at 7am, but by the time we had finished talking about everything and nothing, we didn’t set sail until 9:30am. A little silly knowing the wind was picking up but we were enjoying the well over due catch up. Setting sails we headed out to sea on our first tack. These land loving dwellers begun to feel a little nauseous and soon we had our first victim, releasing what was left of breakfast into the choppy sea. The wind continued to rise and we tacked back towards land, trying to hug the coast a bit closer hoping for calmer waters. Mean while, Bonita being the little trooper was down stairs cooking Vegemite on toast for everyone, trying to un green the gills of our guests.

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