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First Chinese gybe… Whoopsy, we will learn from that

We are playing catch up with our videos the next couple weeks as we have taken so much footage and done so little editing. However we just sailed into 1770 now and plan to stay here for a little bit. This should give us plenty of time to get up to speed! For now, here is a little story about our sailing yesterday.

We tucked in to bed early, anchored on the south eastern corner of Great Keppel Island. The wind was blowing strongly from the north and made our choice in anchorage very rolly. Also hanging Nandji on a lee to shore, which makes sleeping a little hard. The wind however was meant to shift to the west through the night, so I was confident this little cove would provide us safety and we could make a speedy exit in the morning. If only I could get to sleep…

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